A collaborative learning space for the Human Biology I OH Wiki and Poster Research Project

Bachelor of Oral Health - Human Biology

Assessment Task - Semester 2 2009.

Developed by Sophie Karanicolas and Cathy Snelling, School of Dentistry, Faculty of Health Sciences, The University of Adelaide.

Collaborative Group Work - Developing a Wiki and Poster presentation

1. A Wiki on How to Make a Wiki!!!

We will begin to construct a collaborative wiki on 'How to Make a Wiki' to model the format of your next assignment for Human Biology. For the purpose of this project you will: 1. Work in groups of 3 2. Explore and investigate an assigned topic 3. Review your aims and objectives collaboratively 4. Assign group member tasks equitably 5. Develop a wiki of your research findings with support from your designated e-facilitator 6. Develop an academic poster to present to the class with a summary of your findings 7. Present your poster in a class seminar, accompanied by a 5 minute oral presentation.

2. What is a wiki ?

For the technologically savvy amongst us, a wiki is easy to understand, develop and nurture. We have provided a few links to for you to view some pretty amazing wikis.... Not that we expect the same level of construction for the purpose of this assignment from you guys, but it may help to view some other wikis to help give you ideas. They look more complex than what they are, and trust me, if Cathy and I can get our heads around them, you Gen Y kids have already got a head start on us. They can be a simple or as complex as you like. The beauty of a wiki is that it becomes a written record of your collaborative group work. Our advice for making a wiki... Just do it !!! Click the icons and see what happens. Everyone knows of wikipedia, right? Well here is a link to view a wiki on the Endocrine System as an example. Next we have an example from the University of Columbia on Social Justice. This is one of our favourite examples of a wiki.

Step 1

Your assigned groups, topics and e-facilitator are as follows:

Group 1 Skin and Oral Mucosa Sophie - James, Candice, Mai

Group 2 Skin and Basal Cell Carcinomas Sophie - Ashleigh, Jessica, Cindy

Group 3 Ectodermal Dysplasia - Cathy- Nicole, Evan, Michael

Group 4 Endocrine and Exocrine Glands Cathy - Tony, Loc Bui, Jodie, Thomas

Group 5 Endocrine System: Adrenal Glands - Cathy - Lina, Hong, Caroline

Group 6 Endocrine System: Growth Hormone - Cathy - Jasmine, Amanda, Nathan

Group 7 Diabetes and Periodontal Disease Sophie - Mia, Steven, Erika

Group 8 Pregnancy Sophie - Emma, Ellen, Vivian

Group 9 Stress Sophie - Bethany, Denise, Duncan

Group 10 The Gag Reflex - Cathy - Julie, Tim, Thu-Huu

Step 2 Aims and objectives: you may add to or modify your assigned objectives to make them more suited to your learning preferences. The aims and objectives of each poster will be discussed in our F2F session on the assignment on Thursday 6/8/09.

Step 3 Set group roles and assign tasks. Each group has an assigned e-facilitator: we and will join in on your selected groups to assist you with any queries or concerns you may have. Although we will not add or contribute to the content of your wiki, we may make some suggestions as you are progressing through the different stages on the wiki, discussion page or by sending you an email.

Step 4 Find your page in this space under the navigation list.

Step 5 Begin your research and start your collaborative writing. Write down your ideas and information and do not be too concerned about the format or structure of your page as it evolves. There is plenty of opportunity to cut and paste and reframe the page as it develops. That's part of the fun..... Start by clicking the 'edit this page' tab on the right hand side tool box. Click on the Wiki folder in MyUni under Human Biology I OH Semester 2/Assignments/Wiki resources to access an assessment grid/rubric on the format of your wiki.

Step 6 Finalise the content and layout of your wiki and begin to select the information that you will inlcude on your poster. Follow this link for some ideas on poster design. Although this is not a poster based on results of scientific research, you can get some great ideas just by looking at the layout of some of these posters. Alternatively you can take the stairs to the fourth floor of the Medical School South Building - Physiology Department- and view the suggested layouts for posters in the corridor or take note of the may Posters displayed around the Dental School. Please be mindful not to disrupt classes whilst you are viewing the layouts. You poster must inlcude the following elements: Title and authors Aims and objective Introduction Content to include diagrams or any graphs etc.. Summary and any acknowledgments etc....

Step 7 Your e-facilitator will upload your group's poster on MyUni under Human Biology 1 in the assigned area. You will need to prepare a 10 minute oral presentation of your poster and your wiki space to the rest of the class. The date for these presentations is scheduled for the 8 October 2009. Students in previous years have really enjoyed this part of the project - not just because it was at the end - but they were really proud of what they have achieved as a group and it was a chance to showcase their work.

4. Assessment

There are two parts to this assessment: 1. The collaborative writing part which is the basis of the Wiki 2. The Poster design and presentation There is a combined assessment rubric for the wiki and the poster in the Human Biology I OH Semester 2 Assignments section in the Wiki Folder.